125 Arrests in Bedfordview But Only One Conviction: Update

By Michele Clarke MPL – DA Spokesperson for Community Safety

It is shocking that while several arrests for various crimes in Bedfordview during 2016/2017 have been made that there was only one conviction.

The MEC for Community Safety, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, made this revelation in a written reply to questions tabled in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature.

According to the MEC the following arrests have been made for murder, attempted murder, rape, burglary residential, burglary commercial/business, robbery aggravated circumstances, common robbery, theft of motor vehicle, assault and domestic violence.

We call on the MEC to investigate why there have been so many arrests in the area but only one conviction. This is unacceptable as our people no longer have confidence in the ability of the police to successfully arrest criminals and secure a conviction for the crimes committed.

This raise’s concerns as to whether these cases have been thoroughly investigated by the police or if they have been thrown out of court due insufficient evidence provided by the police.

The DA will table questions to the MEC to ascertain why there have been no convictions for the arrests that have been made.


The Bedfordview CPF have made a public statement denouncing the figures given above. Their statement follows.


Recently some stats were made public about the arrests and convictions in the 2016/ 2017 year.

We have met and followed up with the Station and can publish the following: 
In that year, in the criminal categories mentioned, they made 80 arrests, of which there have been 45 convictions.

In 2015 our Station was a 1 * station.
It is now a 3* Station. A 2% improvement in their performance will make us a 4* Station.

Out of the 12 Stations in our Cluster, we are ranked 3rd.
Out of the 142 stations in the Province, we are ranked 39th. We were 115th in 2015.

We have no idea where the figures 125 arrests and 1 conviction comes from.

We believe the improvements can be attributed to a renewed drive amongst the detectives, despite their working conditions, and an active oversite role played by passionate individuals in the Bedfordview CPF.


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