BCPF Makes Parking Safer: Video

The View Today recently caught up with Gavin Henry, BCPF Chairperson to discuss the coming implementation of a new vetting system for parking attendants in the Bedfordview area.

Why is there a need for the Red Vest program?

We need to legitimize the honest guys who are looking after parked cars and separate them from the ones who are using it as another form of begging.

Explain what the Red Vest program is all about?

We have had numerous cases of theft out of motor vehicles, smash and grabs and cellphone snatches in the areas where there are informal parking attendants. We will therefore check the criminal history and fingerprint all of them to make sure we only deal with the ones with no records. They will be issued with a numbered and branded red vest and an ID card with their name and picture on it. They will sign a Code of Conduct, and then we will encourage the Community to ONLY tip these vetted attendants. We then hope that the good guys will force out the bad guys.

How will it benefit the Bedfordview Community?

We will have a more honest and “professional” group of parking attendants. Community members can feel comfortable tipping them and hopefully they can make some more money by chasing away the bad element.

Is there a possibility for it to grow to other suburbs?

I hope it can expand to all suburbs.

Please note that contributions to these guys will always remain voluntary in the form of a tip. They are not part of the CPF, but are criminally vetted by us

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