Bedfordview Bussinesses Go Strawless

Natasha Sideris, Managing Executive of tashas is passionate about going green.

Did you know that in the U.S. alone, people use and discard over 500 million plastic straws every day? That’s enough straws to fill 125 buses. These straws are not recyclable and no matter where it goes, that plastic represents a whole lot of non-renewable petroleum going to waste.

Local businesses in Bedfordview have taken note of a growing call for the reduction in plastic use and have stepped up to meet the challenge. 

Doppio Zero is doing more than just tackling the issue of single-serving straws and are committed to going greener in other aspects of their business. “While we are trying to reduce the number of straws we use at Doppio Zero, we are committed to reducing our plastic waste footprint as a whole, and we are making progress with other green initiatives such as biodegradable packaging, and biodegradable cleaning products,” said Doppio Zero Marketing Coordinator Tarryn Nash.

Tashas Bedfordview has also stepped up to the plate;

“We are overwhelmed with the positive response to our move to do away with plastic straws.  While the biodegradable ones are more expensive, they take 6 months to a year to decompose while the plastic straws never do.  We are passionate about our entire business moving away from single-use plastic and will be launching new packaging shortly,” says Natasha Sideris, Managing Executive for Tashas.

While it will cost more to our business in the short term, we feel that we must do our best to do what we can to reduce plastic waste.  It is a move that we encourage and challenge all businesses to take,” Natasha concluded.

Plastic drinking straws fall into the category of “single-use plastics”. These items are typically used just once – on average for only 12 minutes – before being discarded and are estimated to be about 50% of the plastic we use today. Much of it is not recyclable nor does it break down in the environment. As much as 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in our oceans every year. It hurts wildlife, threatens the safety of the ocean, fisheries, and human health.  In shoreline litter clean-ups, plastic straws are consistently one of the top 10 items collected. 

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