Bedfordview CPF: Become a Difficult Target For Criminals

Courtesy of Bedfordview CPF

Facebook pages across the nation are flooded with people complaining about how unsafe South Africa is nowadays. It is, of course, difficult to dispute this considering the high murder and rape rate, with violent crime often being front page news. 

So what are we to do? Emigrating to Australia is one option. But if you think they are crime free you might be in for a shock. Crime is everywhere. So you get to make a choice – live in fear, or live prepared. Be an easy target, or be a difficult target.

Most people unwittingly ‘choose’ to be easy targets. it is easier to complain loudly on Facebook than it is to actually take active steps that will turn you into a much more difficult target.

So if you value your life and you refuse to live in fear (and prefer to be as prepared as possible) here are some basic things you can start doing:

  • Get proper training – You can argue as much as you like, nothing beats proper (and preferably regular) training. Training last done 30 years ago needs a refresh.
  • Alter your mindset – start thinking like a victor, not a victim. When you are connected to the right people, can access help quickly, know how to react, have the right backing (emergency services, rapid response, committed policing units, security response teams, CPF response teams, civil society response teams, etc), know what is going on and are informed this will make you realise how empowered you actually are. Get involved and get connected as this is the biggest weapon we as a community have.
  • Arm yourself – This does not necessarily mean only firearms. Arm yourself with knowledge, systems, plans, and networks.
  • Remove your face out of your cell phone and start swiveling your neck and eyes – the more aware you become of your surroundings, the higher the odds of avoiding trouble.
  • If you own a firearm the golden rule is to ensure that you are properly trained and know the law – when you may and MAY NOT use it. Strangely, it is not at all complicated. A properly used firearm by a properly trained person in a responsible way is a huge asset in a critical situation.
  • Be realistic! If you think you will have time to fish out that pepper spray from your handbag or suddenly draw your firearm under pressure, you will be dangerously disappointed. Criminals expect exactly that. More so if you have never done any proper training. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are too tough to get hurt. Carrying any weapon comes with responsibility. Do the training.
  • The same rules apply in your vehicle – always be alert, get off your cell phone, observe, observe, observe. ‘Follow-homes’ are common where criminals select you at a shopping mall or restaurant and rob you in your driveway.
  • Early warning is king at your house or business. ALWAYS! The further away from your house you can detect potential intruders, the more opportunity you create to get to safety. Have a family plan founded on the advantages you have. Dogs, alarms, knowledge of your house, cover, likely entry points, hiding places, weapons, etc. If you are uncertain, ask a professional to help.

Below are important numbers. Kindly save them in your cell phones.

Sector 1 : 011 400 6661
Sector 2: 011 400 6662
Sector 3: 011 400 6663

The beauty of these sector numbers is that if one sector number doesnt respond you in 15 seconds it will automatically move to the next sector number .

Areas that cover sector 1 , 2 and 3 are ;

Sector 1 : Eastgate , Bedford Center , Bedford Gardens , St. Andrews , Morninghill and Oriel

Sector 2 : Central Bedford also known as RAG

Sector 3 : Meadowdale , Tunney , Meadowdale , Klopperpark , Elandsfoentein

Bedfordview SAPS : 011 457 2299
Bedfordview CPF : 011 450 4376
BCPF Victim Support : 073 189 6362
Emergency Service : 10177
Fire Control Room : 011 999 2094 , 011 999 2093 , 011 999 2095
EMPD : 011 999 2093 /4/5
Issues related to electricity or water can be reported at 0860543000

BCPF email address : info@ 
BCPF website :





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