Bedfordview Has a World Dance Festival Champion!

Hannah Paget, a grade 6 pupil from St Andrew’s School for Girls, participated in the Dance Star Competition (World Dance festival) held in Croatia as part of the South African Dance team.

There were roughly a dozen countries represented at the competition which appeared to cater for various dancing disciplines and segregated into the A league and B league.

Hannah participated in 6 performances as follows:


1)      Commercial solo – children section “Hannah” – 1st Place

2)      Urban group – junior section “Stereotype” – 1st Place

3)      Commercial group –junior section “Fierce” – 5th Place

4)      Urban group – adult section “Throwback” – 3rd Place


1)      Urban group – children “Symphony” – 1st Place

2)      Production – junior “Pricetag” – 1st Place


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