Bedfordview watercourses constantly polluted: Photos

Despite increasing pressure from government and a spike in media coverage, people are still wasting and polluting water, and this can be witnessed first hand in our very own suburb. 

Ward councillor Jill Humphreys pointed out a case of water pollution earlier this week.

“The stream going into Glendower Golf Course is a mess; it looks like someone has dumped paint in the stream! We have reported this to Water Quality in Ekurhuleni. Someone is deliberately discharging waste products into our waterways!” she said.

“Please would everyone be aware of this and report immediately. The source, the culprit, must be found!” she concluded.

A Facebook user told the Basically Bedfordview group that the incident had been reported to authorities. “We had the guys out from Ekurhuleni yesterday, there is a sewerage pipe that is leaking, they will be repairing it on Monday, if they don’t then we will follow up and make sure it gets repaired,” he said.

If you see any illegal dumping in our waterways, please contact The View Today at reporter@viewtoday / 0844694945



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