Clean Village Do Their Thing On Mandela Day

Clean Village is a registered non-profit organization solely devoted to creating employment and cleaning up the streets of Kensington, and they devoted their Mandela Day to doing what they do best: cleaning up!

The organisation was started when Sue Retallack and Michael Blake decided to formalise the work that Sue had already been doing in Kensington for some time removing ‘penis enlargement’ and ‘abortion’ stickers from electrical boxes all over the suburb and taking down illegal advertising boards nailed to trees and tied to traffic light poles.

“We started a PBO company and found Kevin Pass to join our motley crew as the third director of the company. Our main objective was to stop complaining about the state of things but to actually DO something about it. We simply refused to sit by and watch our suburb slide down the drain.” says Sue.

To support the efforts of Sue and her team, please visit


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