Deadline For Property Valuations Loom

The City of Johannesburg’s 2018 Valuation Roll was released in February which means you only have until the 6th of April to lodge an objection. In extreme cases, valuations have quadrupled, and in many cases, valuations seem to be up around 40% to 50%.

With less than 2 weeks to go, this is what you can still do:

There are numerous ways to gather evidence on what your property is valued at:   Use an online service. The Lightstone Valuation Report is a good valuation tool as it is recognised as a credible source for an Automated Property Valuation and only costs R92 (excl VAT).

If the Lightstone value is less than the Municipal value, the Lightstone Valuation Report can be used as evidence in your objection. This report uses recent sales activity to accurately understand how a market in an area is performing and should be your first point of call in establishing your home value.

One northern suburbs community says some residents “face rates increases of 80% or more”

The Lightstone Valuation Report can be obtained by signing up for a once-off report on the Lightstone website. You could also work through your estate agent or independent property valuer.


Lodge an objection if you believe your property is overvalued. Any objections to these valuation increases can be lodged at the City of Johannesburg Municipality before 6 April 2018 at 15:00 by registering the objection on their website.

Section 50 of the Local Government Municipal Property Rates Act states that the lodging of objections does not defer the liability for payment of rates and taxes.

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