Edenvale High School Recognises Hard Work

Edenvale High School recently awarded 4 Grade 12 learners with a Honours Blazer. This is a great achievement as only 84 white blazers have been awarded since the school opened in 1962.

A learner needs to get 3 Full Colours to qualify for an Honours Blazer.

Blazers went to Deputy Head Boy of Academics, Hlatsi Joala (Full Colours in Athletics, Academics and Debating), Deputy Head Girl of Culture Layla Howa (Full Colours in Academics, Public Speaking and Drama), Head Girl Ashleigh Marshall (Full Colours in Leadership, Academics, Hockey and Public Speaking) and Head Boy Jade Lagesen (Full Colours in Leadership, Academics, Chess, Drama and Public Speaking).

Well done to these learners, what an amazing accomplishment.

Pictured Jade Largesen, Ashleigh Marshall, Dr L. Harmer, Layla Howa and Hlatsi Joala.



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