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Bailey’s Rock Party with Jasper Dan & Friends

Jasper Dan is a band of everyday guys playing our own brand of honest music.

We adopt a mature attitude towards the writing and delivery of our own songs. Jasper Dan is characterised by a solid rhythm section that supports enticing guitar hooks and unusually dirty but coherent vocals. While drawing much influence from southern rock we believe we provide something different to the South African music scene. We’re not a southern band, we are a “Southern” African band.

After Robot – A mind altering Groove Rock experience!!

Early in 2012 Clifford and Josh got together for a jam session.
The idea was to start an acoustic project that was performed a few times, but they quickly realised the songs needed more drive and big bottom.

Lead guitarist Josh Pearlson studied jazz guitar at university and has been playing since 2000, and has been playing the gigging and session circuit for more than eight years. Frontman Clifford Bryan is no newcomer to the stage. An actor and musician for over 10 years, his wild antics and stage presence add to the band’s live energy, with a voice that provides the necessary fuel for this high-octane rock’n’roll engine. Bassist Jacques Jacobs joined Pearlson and Bryan in mid-2013. His rock-influenced style and delivery, and six years of gigging experience, provides an added dimension to the live show. And the metal infected funk machine Greg Watson joined the band in 2016 on drums, slighty shifting After Robot’s destiny towards complete and utter glory.

The tale of the Barcode Bandits

They are dedicated to breaking away from the world’s issues and walking their own path. They are the bandits of the barcode system that society follows each and every day. Even though
it’s a simple three-piece band, the powerful rock still oozes out of each and every song they perform.

You can expect to hear influences from Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, The Sums, Led Zeplin and many more of the greats of rock music. The passion for playing music has been the best medium for them to express their views and


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