Great fighters are not-so-great runners

An experiment on house mice by the University of Utah shows evidence about the fact that good fighters (defending territories) are not great at running. Mice were given a large lab space for the non-winners to run off to after the fight. The winners were the mice defending their territory – that contained female mice – from other male mice.
These researchers also evaluated the running speeds and capabilities of these mice (done on tiny treadmills – just picture that for a second!)

Their conclusion? The “winners” or the mice that defended their territory, used more oxygen running than the others. Which is bad, apparently. (Shhh don’t tell my personal trainer).
Having the same body mass, there may have been other physiological factors at work.
A wrestler is built much more differently than an endurance athlete. Just like picking the right workout at home, it is usually determined on muscle gaining or toning and fitness, weight loss and endurance.
Of course, trainers who participate in both fighting and running may be great at both but this study helps us see how our evolution may have been shaped since humans have aggression-based and endurance-based factors as well.


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