How Street Lighting Enhances Public Safety

    With increased crime rates in South Africa, one solution that is helping many residents is street lighting.

    Darkness tends to hide a lot of evil and more crimes including muggings are reported at night. Research also indicates that even though only 40% of people drive at night, there are higher numbers of accidents at night and this can largely be attributed to lack of visibility at the time. This problem is being combatted by installing quality electrical lighting, both at home and out in the streets. This helps prevent constant power failures that consequently result in streets being unsafe.

    People working in night shifts, students finishing up late in the night at university, happy-go-lucky walking back home after a night out are all subject to the risk of crime and violence. While there are many measures taken to ensure pedestrian safety, it is quite natural for people to feel uncomfortable if the lighting is insufficient. Well lit areas are known to reduce the chances of crime. A brightly lit park or pathway deters criminals and boosts the confidence of pedestrians.

    A relatively simple piece of technology is becoming the popular choice for public lighting across the globe. LED smart lights used in street lighting is becoming the new norm; these are not only cheaper than halogen but they are also more reliable and its illumination qualities are far superior to traditional halogen lights. In addition, these modern street lights are highly reliable since they have wireless transmission, which manages light and electricity extremely well, resulting in reduced down-time and operational costs.

    LED lighting options have gained popularity over the last few years to the point where a fast developing country like India have launched a nationwide replacement of streetlights to LED. It is stated that “the eco-friendly LEDs will help curb release of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere by 44,000 tonne per year”.

    This low cost, high quality service has encouraged the city of Johannesburg to install more street lights, resulting in an environment that is safer and friendlier to the public.




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