Joburg Drinking Water Still Tops

Johannesburg Water‘s annual water quality report has revealed that the city’s water still holds its blue-drop status.

Residents are often concerned about the Ecoli indicators in rivers. But as for drinking water, 99,8 percent of the samples were free of Ecoli, which is well within the required 99 percent.

MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services, Nico de Jager, said an extensive monitoring programme is followed to ensure compliance with the South African National Standard for Drinking Water.

This programme sees the analysis of at least 500 water samples every month, covering all reservoir zones, tower zones and informal settlements. During the 12-month period from 1 January to 31 December last year, close to 7 000 samples were analysed and over 91 000 tests were undertaken.

The tests also revealed that Joburg’s water’s turbidity, which is the clarity of the water, is also well above the national standard.

De Jager said Johannesburg Water is a proud holder of the blue-drop status certification by the Department of Water and Sanitation and is committed to providing quality water to all residents of the city.

“The entity supplies potable drinking water, procured from the bulk supplier, through a distribution network of over 12 000km of water pipes, 122 reservoirs and water towers and 37 water-pump stations,” he said.

A full compliance statement is available monthly at (About Our Water: Water Quality). Further compliance information is available at (My Water).

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