Local hip-hop artists spread the love

Robbie Papadimitriou and Nicholas Papas are two young men from Edenvale that are looking to break into the hugely popular hip-hop scene with their debut album entitled ‘Misunderstoood’, a Christian rap composition that focusses on uplifting messages of love, forgiveness, and being reborn.

Misunderstood is our debut album which was recorded in our home studio. We wanted to release an album very different from what mainstream hip-hop sounds like, hence the name ‘Misunderstood’ because we are not typical hip-hop artists. We feel misunderstood not only as Individuals but as Christians writing songs in a musical genre typified by negative themes,” says Robbie.

The two aspiring stars grew up as fans of hip-hop/rap music and occasionally tried to write lyrics, although they never took it very seriously.

“Once we found our faith and became born again Christians, we stopped listening to hip-hop music due to its negative message and vulgar language. Later we discovered Christian hip-hop music and could still listen to the style of music we loved again. After this, we felt called to make our own music with the message of Christ.” Robbie continues.

The duo has noted that only a handful of South Africans in the hip-hop industry are spreading a Christian message, and felt that they could positively make an impact in the scene.

“We want to stand up for our faith and challenge the status quo. We know very well that hip-hop is the most widely listened to genre amongst South African youth, and we want to make music that people can still enjoy whilst hearing a positive message,” says Nicholas.

The young artists plan to get as much exposure as they can by performing their new album live, as well as by selling hard copies.

You can keep up to date with their latest music by following them on Instagram at @bodyofchrist4life. You can also subscribe to their SoundCloud account at https://soundcloud.com/body-of-christ and YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvtRWp5Od0JXtyrbceWIOlg




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