A local love affair

We’ve become accustomed to the saying ‘local is lekker’ and in general, most South Africans are good at supporting local, but getting the money-laden public and small local businesses together can – more often than not – become a headache.

Case in point is sauce enthusiast and local businessman Andy Moss who has been creating the most delectable hot sauces out of his home in Bedfordview but has been having a tough time sharing his craft with the community.

At 10 years old, Andy found himself at a school fete, where he was overcome with curiosity and spent his meager allowance on a jaffle maker, which he still has and uses. Here his passion for food began. In 1993 he started experimenting with peri-peri sauces and was finally happy with his product in 2010

Andy spent years perfecting his sauces, and has come up with a range that will suit every taste bud; from Tomato, Ginger, Chilli & Coriander Jam to the traditional favourite hot peri-peri. The saucerer has clearly put a lot of thought, effort, time and money into his product, and it shows!

We here at The View Today have been doing some grafting of our own, and what we’ve come up with is a plan to bring a local business like Andy’s to your doorstep. We all know that Bedfordview and the surrounding suburbs have an almost village-like feel. People know each other and greet each other in the street, so why not support each other’s businesses too?

So what we’ve done is build an online store platform that makes it super easy for businesses and shoppers in Bedfordview to buy and sell high quality locally produced goods at the click of a button. We even take care of deliveries!

Now back to Andy and his sauces…Will you be trying the Pear, Red wine & Rosemary Jam or Peri Mayo first?




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