Mandy Talks Crime In Bedfordview

    Award winning journalist and author Mandy Wiener recently gave a talk on her newly published book and spoke about the issue of crime affecting Bedfordview and the surrounding suburbs.

    The event was held to raise funds for the ongoing installation and maintenance of artificially intelligent cameras monitoring Bedfordview and surrounds for suspicious vehicles and persons.

    “Bedfordview residents don’t love it when I call their suburb ‘Deadfordview’ but in truth, it’s such a great village with fantastic atmosphere and people. Tonight I spoke at a fundraiser for the Bedfordview CPF who are raising money to put cameras up to fight crime. A great initiative. Thank you for your hospitality, for buying Ministry of Crime and for the delicious food at The Greek Taverna (what a find!). And so cool that Katy Katopodis was the MC too!”

    According to the Edenvale CPF, the cameras will be monitored on a 24 Hours a day, by an offsite impartial monitoring company. They will be looking for suspicious cars and then sending that information to local CPF who will then pass the information on to response groups.

    It will be especially useful in hi-jacking and follow home crimes as local law enforcement will be able to identify the suspects’ vehicle. SAPS Detectives will also have access to this system and it will prove to be vital in the Intelligence gathering and crime fighting behind the scenes.

    For more information on these special cameras, please read our story: Edenvale CPF Camera Project: The Details


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