Meet Bedfordview’s Latest Springbok

Michael Omand recently received Springbok colours for his achievements in scouting. The View Today caught up with the young scout to hear how he started down this path.

“I first joined the scouting movement in 2008 via a friend who had been involved with the movement for a year. I joined at 1st Bedfordview as a Cub and from there my passion for scouts grew. I enjoyed scouting mostly because of the people I was surrounded with. Not only the friendships that developed but also the mentors I was exposed to made my experience at scouts such a fond one,” said Michael.

“I loved to push my boundaries and get out of my comfort zone.”

Oman says the greatest lesson he has learned from scouting to date is to trust the people around you but not to fully depend on them.

“At Scouts, we hone in on our skills and when we get the chance to use them, in reality, we tend to take a step back. We develop amazing skills and my greatest lesson is not learning the skills but rather backing myself to execute those skills in day to day situations,” he said.

Michael Westhoff and Michael Omand with Carte Blanche’s Derek Watts.

Michael’s Springbok Scout Award is the highest award that a scout can achieve and is an extremely prestigious award with less than 1% of scouts ever achieving this award.

“The award is a great challenge and really prepares you in ways you would never imagine. I have learned more in the last 6 months of scouting than in the 10 years I have been apart of the movement,”

Michael would like to encourage all kids to at least try scouts.

“Scouts may not be for everyone but its offers an opportunity to establish new contacts as to develop new skills. I so enjoyed my time at scouts as I spread my horizons I created and became close with friends outside of school and this exposed me to different people living different lives,” he said.

Michael would like to extend his thanks to all the people who have helped him along the way. Especially to his parents for the countless hours they have put in with transport and shopping and general help.

“Thanks to everyone at my scout troop for being apart of my journey and helping me through. Without all of you I wouldn’t bee here today,” he concluded.

To find out more about the Scouts, visit their website here.


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