Prepare Your Home For The Rainy Season

Heavy rains are known to wreak havoc in different parts of South Africa every year. A situation that can be avoided by simply putting measures in place to prevent flooding or limit the extent of water damage. it is all about being prepared.

With the rainy season upon us, residents and businesses are bound to experience all manner of water damage – both minor and major, depending on the severity of the rains and quality of a structure. Whether one is staring at wind destruction or flooding, the best chance of property restoration is usually realized by entering the structure as early as possible to salvage whatever can be saved.

The longer a property stays submerged in water, the more the extent of the damage. Unfortunately, in certain cases, residents are forced to wait for as long as an entire week before it is safe to enter a structure. Even then, you will still need an expert to go in first and analyse the situation.
When going into the property, you are advised to;

  • Wear protective clothing
  • Discard food that have come in contact with the water
  • Remove and dry any upholstery
  • Air out the structure
  • Get in touch with water clean-up, restoration, and mold mitigation and remediation specialist to check and give a report on the extent of moisture content.

One of the best ways to avoid extensive water damage is to prepare your property for the rainy season way before it starts raining. Start by clearing the gutters and drainage system to ensure the water flows away freely. Next would be to watch out for leakage signs and have any cracks fixed professionally.

Any electrical issues must be looked into immediately and be sure to get an expert to inspect your basement. Dry Wall Johannesburg are readily available to offer any professional help. “it is always good to be safe than sorry,” says Pervious Moyo, the company owner. “We have helped a very big number of property owners safeguard their structures before the rains, and also provided quality restoration as far as dry wall partitioning and suspended ceiling replacement goes.”


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