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Wed, Aug 5, 2020

How do I add my products?

All you need to do is create a Vendor account and login to your dashboard. Adding products is very easy and you add in the product photos, details and price.

Is there a cost to sell through the View Today marketplace?

Adding your products and selling through View Today is absolutely free – We add in a 20% commission on the sales for the cost of administering the site, promotion and bringing sales. The idea is that the View Today marketplace will bring you more sales as we have more traffic. 

When I make a sale - will you collect and deliver the item to the buyer?

Yes! We have a driver and vehicle that will collect from your house/shop and hand delivery to the buyer if they are within a 50km radius. We charge a flat rate of R50.00 for this delivery which the seller pays.
Deliveries that are in other parts of South Africa can be delivered via nationwide courier in which case the cost of delivery will be added to the end price.

Can I give you consignment stock to simply sell my products online for me?

Yes! We are happy to keep certain fast moving items for fast delivery at our offices. Contact us to discuss.

What at the best items to sell online?

Technology, home decor, sauces, spices and items that do not require sizing sell well online. We will be avoiding clothing as these items often require the buyer to try it on before buying. 

Is there a limit of items I can sell on the View Today marketplace?

No limit at all! You can load up as many products as you like. If you have a large range of products and would like us to assist with a bulk upload, please contact our offices. 

How do the online payments work? Does the buyer pay View Today or me?

The buyer pays View Today through the payment gateways we provide. As you make a sale you will see money landing into your virtual account. We them pay out to your account as the payment thresholds are reached.
We payout as your account funds exceed R1500, we do not payout on each transaction as this will make the bank fees prohibitive.

I'm terrible with this - Can you load all my products for me?

Yes! We can load up all your products to your vendor profile, but will will charge a support fee depending on the amount of work required. Which we will quote you for before we proceed.