St Andrew’s Rower Heads To China

    Every summer of the past decade, young students from world-renowned educational institutions gather in Cheng Du, a waterside city in ChinaA small city like Cheng Du attracts schools from all over the world to visit for its old and elegant water sport, namely rowing.

    This year, the 9th (2018) International University Rowing Regatta in Chengdu, China, reignited people’s passion for rowing. With an inclusive attitude and an international vision, Xinjin gathered students from elite universities at home and abroad, once again drawing global attention.

    With success in the previous nine sessions, International UniversityRowing Regatta has evolved from a local sports competition to a grand comprehensive cultural event with global fame and reputation that combines international elements and folk customs. Acting not only as a platform for learning skills, rowing race also builds a bridge for Chinese and overseas youths.

    Jessy Li, a  grade 12 student from St Andrew’s was invited to participate informally. Jessy raced a friendly 2x Women’s race (Doubles) with a girl from the 四川 (Si Chuan) Province. She also competed in the ergothon and finished 1st in the women’s category.

    During the process, Chengdu International University Rowing Regatta has become a resounding competition IP.

    Rowing in its sport form developed in England in the 1700s, beginning from the competition among watermen that provided ferry service on the River Thames.


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