The Bedford Bomb That’ll Blow You Away

The View Today recently discovered what could be the hottest burger in Joburg, perhaps even the country, and it’s been named after our beloved village! We spoke to RocoMamas Bedfordview owner Lara Easthorpe to find out more about ‘The Bedford Bomb’.

So, what is the story behind the Bedford Bomb?
My business partner, Costa, and myself were sitting with a friend and he was showing us videos of his friends trying to eat Ghost Peppers. Costa and I turned to each other and said “what if we offer the hottest smash burger in the country”.  And so the search began to find the hottest chilli we could possibly find in South Africa.  We found a supplier of the Carolina Reaper dried Pods and ground chilli powder and we thought we’d make it more enticing by putting it on a red roll.  The roll itself is not hot, only the sauce.

Is it really true that you need to sign an indemnity form before you can eat one?
Yes you do need to and we also provide a pair of gloves to eat the burger with.

How hot is the Bedford Bomb?
The Carolina Reaper Chilli measures between 1.4 and 2.2 million on the Scoville scale.  To give you perspective of the heat, a habanero measures 150 000n on the Scoville scale so expect quite a burn when you eat the Bedford Bomb

How much is it?
The burger is R99

Are you Brave Enough to take on the Bedford Bomb? We would love to see pictures or videos of you trying!


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