The Bedfordview Petrol Price Guide

Motorists will have to bear another steep increase in fuel prices after the unpopular announcement of an increase in VAT and the introduction of some new taxes. 

The department of energy has published its official fuel price adjustments, confirming a 72 cents and 69 cents per litre increase for 95 ULP and 93 ULP, respectively, while both grades of diesel will jump by 65 cents. Illuminating paraffin will be going up by 2 cents a litre, the department said.

According to businesstech, there are two other factors that are at play in the increase.

The first is the fuel levy and Road Accident Fund levy which increased by a combined 52 cents from 1 April, in line with the tax adjustments announced during the February budget speech.

The second is an increase in transportation costs, which is attributed to an annual increase of 3.4% in road transport tariffs, and an average increase of 25% in the pipeline transport costs as was announced by Nersa.

The AA’s Layton Beard said: “We would have had an increase to the fuel price even without the additional fuel levy that has been added to it, and that fuel price was really driven by the increase in international fuel prices that climbed from around 12 March.”

The official prices as stated by the department of energy are as follows:

Fuel March Official April Official
95 Petrol 13.76 14.48
93 Petrol 13.54 14.23
0.05% Diesel (Wholesale) 12.10 12.75

The View Today set out to see what these price hikes looked like in reality, by visiting 13 petrol stations in and around Bedfordview. Prices were recorded on the morning of 5 April and could have changed since date of publishing:


Petrol Station Price: 93 Unleaded Price: 95 Unleaded Price: Diesel 500ppm/50ppm
Sasol Riley Road 14.23 14.48 13.30
Sasol Main Reef Sunnyrock 14.23 14.48 13.33
Sasol 1st Avenue Edenvale 14.23 14.48 14.33
Sasol Van Buuren Road 14.23 14.48 14.23
Engen Van Buuren Road 14.23 14.48 14.34
BP Van Buuren Road
(Near Virgin Active)
14.23 14.48 14.40
Shell Dunvegan 14.23 14.48 14.23/14.47
Caltex Linksfield 13.54 13.76 13.56
BP Morninghill 14.23 14.48 14.80
Sasol Malvern 14.23 14.48 14.32
Shell Eastgate 14.23 14.48 14.32
Shell Bedford Centre 14.23 14.48 14.23/14.47
Shell Langermann Drive Kensington 14.23 14.48 14.30/14.60


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