Victoria-Anne To Represent St Andrew’s At National Gymnastics Championships

Victoria-Anne Robinson-Monteiro, a grade 1 pupil at St Andrew’s School for Girls, has received her Eastern Gauteng Colours for Artistic Gymnastics.

She will be representing Eastern Gauteng at the Inter-provincials on the 26 May 2018 in Centurion and then represent the Gauteng Team at Nationals on the 16th June 2018.

Artistic gymnasts compete only with other gymnasts in their level or grade. Gymnasts start at the lowest level of competition and advance to higher levels or grades by learning gymnastics skills.

Levels range from 1 to 10, then junior elite and senior elite. Levels 1–3 are usually considered recreational, or beginner; 4–7 intermediate, and 8–Elite advanced. Levels 1–3 are basic skills, such as handstands, cartwheels, etc. 4–6 are compulsory levels, and 7 is an in-between level, with strict requirements but still allowing the gymnast to add in their own creativity.

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