Where does our accent rank in terms of Sexiness?

So this is the official accent sexiness ranking taken from an Irish website recently. Pretty amazing how they ranked the sexiness of accents – Considering we South Africans LOVE the Irish accent : )

50. Welsh

Little Britain ruined this.

49. Romanian

Dracula? Meh.

48. Belgian

If you’ve ever heard Flemmish spoken, you’ll agree.

47. Indian


46. Finnish

Make it stop.

45. Japanese

Very cute, but sexy? Nope. Unless they’re a Samurai warier.

44. New York


43. Swiss

Too serious.

42. Mauritian

An… Interesting one.

41. Croatian

Croats just sound so harsh. Meh.

40. Nigerian

Midday Nigerian soaps on TV have us turned off.

39. Russian


38. Pakistani

Way too fast.

37. Latvian

See ‘Russian’

36. Polish

Not the worst, not the best.

35. Somalian

Trust us.

34. Canadian

Are you American or are you not? Stop talking so politely.

33. Glaswegian

Take your Iron-Bru and get out.

32. Malaysian

Pretty. But naaat sexay.

31. Chinese


30. Austrian

Brings back traumatising Sound of Music memories.

29. Estonian

Sliiiightly better.

28. Norwegian

It sounds like smoked fish. Let’s be honest.

27. London English

Alri Bruv.

26. Argentine

Preferably spoken while salsa dancing.

25. Thai

Surprisingly adorable.

24. Czech


23. Libyan

Those Arab delights. Mm.

22. Dutch

Tall, blonde, and handsomely spoken.

21. Chilean

Wine might be to blame for this.

20. Greek

Mamma Mia!

19. Zimbabwean

So strong.

18. American


17. Mexican

Oh, sí.

16. Portuguese

Bringing hotness to Ireland since 1999. Or whenever.

15. Scottish


14. New Zealand

Bonus points for being more chill than Ozzies.

13. Danish

Vikings. Hello?

12. German

Guten morgen to you…

11. Brazilian

The new sound of sexiness.

10. Southern American

That slow Texan drawl.

9. Jamaican


8. Israeli

We can’t explain it. It’s just hot.

7. Spanish

Because obviously.

6. Irish

A global favourite, to be sure to be sure.

5. French

The language of love.

4. Australian

V sexy, hey?

3. Northern Irish

Jamie Dornan. Enough said.

2. Italian

If only Dolmio day was every day.

1. South African

Afrikaans is the key to our hearts.



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