Yamitsuki’s New Sushi Donuts

Sushi being one of the most amazing foods added to this planet, now comes in a new shape – donut.

Yamatsuki in Bedfordview, Gauteng was founded in 2000 and have recently launched their sushi donut due to the inspiration from the worldwide trends to incorporate and make new sushi menu options.

An innovation for sushi lovers and a go-to restaurant for Chinese and sushi lovers, Yamatsuki is the oldest sushi bar in Africa (and that’s a big content we’re on!). With over fifteen years experience, Yamatsuki offers a unique and impressive atmosphere with enjoyable staff ensuring a relaxing experience with their dinner.

The staff at Yamatsuki are extremely proud and honour hard work, quality food and experience.
Initially their focus was on Japanese cuisine but it has slowly expanded, offering Thai, Chinese and more. They now offer a variety of oriental soups, sweet and sour dishes and oriental curries, as well as the noodle, teppanyaki and dim sum bars.

Try the new sushi donut – and don’t worry about eating with your hands. According to https://asianinspirations.com.au/asian-culture/10-surprising-sushi-facts-that-you-never-knew/, sushi is traditionally meant to be eaten with your hands with the exception of sashimi being eaten with chopsticks.

Offering an vegetarian option from R83 and seafood options from R98, these quality full-meal donuts won’t disappoint.


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