Bedfordview CPF Monitoring Residents’ Wellbeing Amid COVID-19

    The Bedfordview CPF will be setting up a structure for residents, either elderly or immuno-compromised, to be monitored for their wellbeing.

    It will require them joining a WhatsApp group relevant to their Sector and checking in daily on that group. Should they not check-in, a volunteer would first call to ascertain their wellbeing and, if necessary, follow up with a visit.

    If you know someone elderly or immuno-compromised, who would benefit from this Bedfordview CPF initiative, please send their name, address and sector as a contact card to either:

    Tyrone Clark – 060 755 4913 – Station Commander – Bedfordview CPF

    Alison Grobbelaar – 082 565 6018 – Marketing and PRO – Bedfordview CPF

    Gavin Henry – 083 675 3676 – Chairman – Bedfordview CPF

    If you would like to join the group of volunteers who will be assisting the elderly or immuno-compromised residents of Bedfordview, please click on the WhatsApp group link to join CPF Community Volunteers Group.

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