Bedfordview Urban Farming Project Keeps Growing

The Urban Farm at the Italian Club.

The Bedfordview Urban Farming Project team has neatly bagged piles of oak leaves on Van Buuren Road. Netting containers have been made for the leaves, where they will rest and be activated with horse manure. This will be used for the project, which, under the auspices of the Bedfordview Safety Forum (BSF), is being developed as a result of the need for a sustainable food source for the BSF’s food collection.

DA Councillor Jill Humphreys said, ‘Thanks to the team arranged by Lynn Loots who have been enthusiastically sweeping and bagging the leaves. Now they’re incorporated into the Urban Farm project and are invaluable with the bed preparations.’

Ryan Nurseries will also be collecting some of the bags for compost-making. A front end loader is being arranged to create a wood row and composting preparation for the bags of leaves inside the Bedfordview Police Station (BPS) grounds next to the police station, one of the project sites. 

The Urban Farm at the Italian Club is also making good progress. The Bedfordview growers are ready with seedlings that have been nurtured through the winter and are ready to be planted out. 

The BSF thanks Saheti for their compost donation, which is important because no planting can be done without proper soil preparation.