Connect With Kindness And Huddle Park Hosting A Yoga Charity Fundraiser

Connect with Kindness And Huddle Park Hosting A Yoga Charity Fund Raiser

In the spirit of the Move for November Movement, Coneckt in partnership with Huddle Park – are hosting a 90 minute Yoga charity fundraiser on 5 December at 8am at the park. They are calling all Yoga enthusiasts, those curious about Yoga and social activists to take part in the park to raise money for survivors of Gender-Based Violence.

Qualified yoga instructors for all levels will be there to guide you on your Yoga journey. Every cent collected will go to the Connect With Kindness Charity Event, who will distribute accordingly. After the fund raiser, you are more than welcome to stay for a picnic and a networking opportunity. Booking is essential and no money will be collected on the day. The Connect with Kindness banking details will be given on request.

For bookings, call: +27 (0) 79 283 1272.