Go On An Adventure At Go Ape Modderfontein

Go On An Adventure At GoApe Modderfontein

Situated nearĀ Flamingo Shopping Centre, Go Ape Modderfontein is an aerial forest park (AFP) built for people of all ages. This park contains courses made of platforms constructed at various levels in the trees.

The platforms are connected by different types of bridges (that represent obstacles) and participants using safety equipment manoeuvre from platform to platform. The parks operate with virtually no negative environmental impact and the trees are well cared for and protected.

While school and playgrounds are still closed, Go Ape can get your children into the sunshine and fresh air for some fun and physical activity. They also offer ‘bungee jumping’, where the person is strapped into a harness whilst standing on a trampoline. The person is winched up to approximately three metres. The operator takes hold of the person, pulls them downwards and lets go. The person gets the feeling of jumping extraordinary high whilst being safe at the same time.

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GoApe Modderfontein ziplining.

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Bookings and walk-ins are welcome. They adhere to all Covid protocols.