Join The Mzansi Lockdown Virtual Marathon Challenge

    The Mzansi Lockdown Virtual Marathon Challenge is for runners who need to stay home, but understand that lockdown does not mean ‘lie down’.

    This is a 42.2km long challenge to be achieved in 21 days. Runners are taking part in the challenge in their gardens, balconies, kitchens, driveways and so forth. Registrations are still open until the last week of lockdown – it just means that you’ll have to cover the 42.2km in a shorter time.

    Entry for the challenge is free. Complete the challenge and earn a Mzansi Runner Badge of Honour with bragging rights and a virtual medal or order a real Mzansi Lockdown challenge collector’s item medal and/or lifetime race shirt for postal delivery after the lockdown ends. For instructions on how to enter click here.

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