Kencare Soup Kitchen Receives Community Support

Kencare Soup Kitchen team packing parcels in Decemeber 2020.

The Kencare Soup Kitchen team made a curry bunny chow and cucumber salad, beetroot salad and fried cabbage on 2 December to feed the homeless. The team also handed out 60 parcels. The vegetables were all donated by Chefs with Compassion, and the team is still using chicken that was donated by Huang Attorneys. 


The parcels included:

– 2.5kgs of Mielie-Meal.
– 1kg of rice.
– 500g samp and beans.
– 500g soya.
– 250g sugar.
– Milk.
– Teabags.
– One tin of pilchards.
– One tin of beans.
– Biscuits and sweets.
– Loaf of bread.
– Margarine.
– Soap.

Linda Lee Cerbone from the Kencare Soup Kitchen said, ‘Hopefully this will help ward off some hunger pains. Thank you to all who were so generous. I was so stressed that we would not have enough tinned food to give out and when I got to the kitchen that morning, I got a lovely surprise.’

The staff of Kensington Life Clinic had donated tinned food. The CAN group collected tins and other goodies. People also deposited money for more food. ‘At first we did not have enough rice and then a wonderful young person dropped off 20 1kg bags of rice.’ 

‘It is strange how life works – with a little begging and faith in God, our problems were solved for that day. Thank you to all who donated, you made many people happy and you make doing what we do so much easier,’ said Cerbone. ‘Our last day for giving is next Wednesday, 9 December, when we will hand out another 60+ parcels, so there is still time for those who want to help out with canned goods. A great big thank you to Nanotech for the ongoing donation of hand sanitisers that we use in the kitchen and give out to people. Your ongoing support for many kitchens is fantastic. May you all be blessed.’