Loving Yourself Is The Key To Living An Abundant Life

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Mona Naidoo, Executive Coach and Abundant Living Expert, says there is a link between who we love and the flow of our abundance. Answer this question: who do you love the most?

Some will say it’s their spouse or partner. Some will say it’s a parent or both. Some will say it’s their children. Some will say it’s their pets.…and the list can go on. What was your answer? Did you say that the person you love the most is YOU?

If you did, awesome. If you didn’t, how does it feel to realise that you can love yourself the most? Does it feel uncomfortable to put yourself at the front of the line? We have been taught to do for others before ourselves. We have also been taught to love others over ourselves.

Now here’s the truth: we can’t give to another what we can’t give to ourselves. We can’t truly love another until we love ourselves. Loving yourself is the key to living an abundant life. It’s a spiritual act, not a narcissistic one.

When you’re willing to love yourself, unconditionally, your vibration shifts to the frequency of abundance. It helps you to have and experience more peace and happiness. You feel confident about who you are and what you are doing. You feel empowered. You become more optimistic and you start attracting more abundant opportunities and experiences in your life.

Here’s a few tips to practice self-love:

1. Appreciate who you really are by acknowledging your gifts and talents.
2. Let go of the past and create new memories.
3. Set goals and take daily aligned action towards them.
4. Think lovingly of yourself; stop the negative self talk.
5. Speak kindly of yourself: use the powerful ‘I am’ statements and affirmations.
6. Only say yes to things that bring you joy.
7. Hang out with people who nourish your soul.

When you truly love yourself, your life will mirror back to you how you feel. Things will start happening magically for you. People will show up for you. Doors will open. Life will become easier and brighter. You will connect to that universal source of love, that which we call God/the Universe/Spirit.

Abundance, which is an expression of that universal source of love, then starts flowing into all areas of your life. Love yourself enough to know that you are infinitely loved and go out and create and live your abundant life.

Fun activities for this week:

– Do something that expresses your love for you every day.
– Notice and acknowledge what shifts you see in your life.
– Affirmation: ‘I love and accept myself’.

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Mona Naidoo is an Executive and Wealth Coach, teacher, international speaker, human behaviour specialist and philanthropist. She helps visionary women reclaim their voice and connect to their true wealth so they can make a difference in the world. Click here to join the community for conscious people who are making or want to make a difference in the world.

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