Senderwoood To Install Fencing For Dog Walking Space

Although the Senderwood, St Andrews, Bedford Park Ratepayers Association (SSB-RA) committee has had a number of projects put on hold due to the lockdown, they have fortunately received fencing that will be used to create a safe area – ‘the dog run’ – for the community to walk their dogs, and a space for them to get some exercise.

The committee is also exploring the possibility of offering dog training classes, once this is allowed. They are calling on the community to donate equipment that they feel would benefit the park (between Chaucer, Shelley and Spenser Avenues) and/or the dog run, and that they no longer have use for, to please contact Kalia Christoforakis on +27 (0) 83 296 4598.

Basic items and equipment that the park needs:

● Water bowls for the dog run.
● Poop scoops.
● Outdoor gym equipment.
● Plants/trees (indigenous).
● Benches.
● Fixed sanitiser dispenser and sanitisers.
● Any gardening equipment to assist in maintaining the park.

The safety, improvement and maintenance of the park , however, requires continuous funding. Furthermore, the committee’s efforts are not only limited to the improvement of the park, but also to the following:

  • Maintaining the cleanliness, look and feel of the suburb.
  • Maintaining of the roads, street lighting, water and sewage pipes, etc.
  • Regular cutting of the grass, emptying of bins and attending to the equipment and plants.

According to the committee: ‘As we do not have the legal authority to tamper with some of the above, we have discussed the need to hire an ‘SSB Suburb Manager’. This individual would have the manpower and equipment that we provide, at their disposal, for the upkeep of the park and area. Liaising with the local authorities regarding issues which we are not authorised to do will be a function.

‘All these great initiatives require funding. We know and understand that these are very difficult times and that everybody is taking a lot of strain. It is however critical, that together we maintain our suburb and keep it safe. This will enable a high standard of living for ourselves and allow for a well sought-after suburb that will attract future residents and buyers.’

The committee would like to create a steady income stream, which will allow it to focus on servicing the needs of the community. The SBB-RA committee’s proposal to the SBB community is that each household contributes R100 a month towards this income stream.

In addition, the committee will offer each household (which commits to the monthly contribution), two shopping cards that can be used for cashback and shopping points. This card will be affiliated to popular shops, merchants and service providers across the country. The idea would be that stores and professionals in the SSB area join this programme and give the opportunity to all residents to support local businesses.

The campaign is called ‘Shop Senderwood’. The aim is that the SSB-RA will also receive a small fee every time people use the shopping card (which will be further used for the up-keep of the area). The committee welcomes thoughts and ideas. Contact them for any further information should you wish to help/collaborate.

Senderwood, St Andrews, Bedford Park Ratepayers Association (SSB-RA) Committee