Soul Space Hosting ‘Yoga In The Park’ Sessions Every Saturday


Dowerglen-based Soul Space Yoga Studio offers a fun hour-long yoga session in Peter Pan park, Dunvegan, every Saturday from 8.30-9.30am. Yoga in the park is suitable for yogis of all levels and beginners are welcome.

Studio owner Natalie Zeid is a well-trained and highly experienced yoga instructor who will offer adjustments in postures, making the class accessible to all levels. According to Zeid, when attending park sessions, you can look forward to many benefits of outdoor yoga, including:

– Feeling connected to nature.
– Breathing in fresh air.
– Feeling connected to your neighbourhood.
– Space for social distancing.
– Taking in some much needed vitamin D.

All this is in addition to the main benefits of yoga, which Zeid lists as: improving strength and flexibility; easing back pain; easing arthritis; benefitting heart health; helping you relax and sleep better; helping to manage stress; connecting you to a supportive community and promoting better self-care.

Soul Space also collaborates with Café Mio in Dunvegan Avenue. Every park yogi gets a coffee voucher to use when purchasing a breakfast after the yoga in the park class on Saturdays.

Peter Pan park is extremely safe as it is part of the Dunvegan security enclosure. It is the perfect venue for outdoor yoga. The park is located at: 9 Hilda Street, Dunvegan, Edenvale. Join Zeid and Soul Space every Saturday to breathe, flow and connect.

Besides the Saturday sessions, Soul Space also offers weekday yoga classes. Visit their site for the full schedule and contact them for the park session cost.

Soul Space Yoga Studio
082 523 2676