Vegan-Friendly And Healthy Smoothies And Popsicles Now Available From Yan Health

Image credit: Propa Food Bar.

Bedfordview-based Yan Health has launched Propa Food Bar gourmet smoothies and popsicles, which are refined sugar-free – some are just sweetened with fruit or erythritol – vegan and healthy because they are made with only natural ingredients.

The flavours are rotated so customers are never bored. Current popsicle flavours include: cookies and cream, Nutella, salted caramel, acai vanilla, mint choc chip, chocolate peanut butter and vanilla.

Image credit: Propa Food Bar.

Smoothie flavours include: Keto (no banana and super low carb), Black Dragon, NoB (no banana), Carrot Cake, Marbled Halva, White Choc Raspberry Cheesecake and Peppermint Crisp.

Byron Yan, owner of Yan Health, said, ‘We decided to stock the products because they are interesting and clever and popsicles are a big trend internationally. Being a small business ourselves, we also aim to support small local businesses such as Propa Food Bar.’

He also said the most popular flavours include anything with chocolate or peppermint, which are flying off the shelves. ‘New flavours are coming out all the time. Propa Food’s imaginative ways of combining unusual flavours is incredible,’ said Yan.

Image credit: Propa Food Bar.

Yan Health’s selection of vegan foods is constantly growing, as is their gluten-free range. Besides their wide selection of products from both international and local suppliers, what makes them unique is they also have a personal trainer, homoeopath, a Chinese medicine specialist, and offer live blood analysis and iridology assessments in-store. ‘We pride ourselves in giving our customers good and correct advice,’ he added.

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