Von Pickartz Belgian Waffles Opens In Bedfordview

Von Pickartz Belgian Waffles Opens in Bedfordview

Von Pickartz Belgian Waffles offers authentic Belgian waffles and Dutch stroopwafels. The traditional Liege waffles are made from a 170-year-old secret family recipe and offer a truly distinctive taste that will transform your nostalgic experience of enjoying a waffle.

Von Pickartz was started six years ago in Melville and then moved to 1Fox in Newtown. They have now relocated and recently opened at The Healthview, 11 Boeing West Road, Bedfordview.

Clients can choose their own toppings (two per waffle recommended) which include: cream/ice cream, Nutella/salted caramel (homemade), banana/strawberries, pecans, flaked almonds and Oreos. They also offer a unique stuffed dough waffle, where they stuff pecans or almonds into the dough before baking it.

Q&A with owner Nalen Dorasamy

You have both Indian and Dutch roots. How does the latter influence your food?

I first tasted Liege waffles on one of my visits to my family in the Netherlands. It was dense, chewy, caramelised and had a vanilla flavour. I took two trips a day to the waffle cart in Weert town square and had two waffles at a time – I really love these waffles! Unlike the light and airy Brussels waffle, the Liege waffle packs more of punch when it comes to texture and flavour. It only needs a dollop of cream and it becomes the king of Belgian waffles. Its 16th century origin means the waffle is made to fit easily in one hand and makes a filling food on the go. It also pairs well with a coffee. It is made from a yeasted brioche, which takes more than 24 hours to fully develop the flavour.

What makes your offerings unique?

I use an original family recipe and follow the method exactly. Most Belgian waffles offered in South Africa are the Brussels variety. I focus primarily on Liege waffles. It takes time, patience and a preference for real ingredients like butter and freshly ground cinnamon. There are differences in Liege waffle recipes in Belgium and Holland. My recipe is closest to the traditional method of making them and I can confidently say that it would be a standout even in its native country. I also produce and use my own spiced syrup (which mimics the taste of Speculaas) on my waffles.

Von Pickartz
+27 82 212 3634