Watch Your Words, Because They Become Your Reality

    Watch Your Words, Because They Become Your Reality
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    According to Mona Naidoo, Executive Coach and Abundant Living Expert, what you say or talk about becomes your reality. What’s the first thing you say to yourself when you get up? What do you say when you look in the fridge? What do you say when you look at your bank balance?

    How often do you or other people talk about: how bad business is; how difficult it is to find a job; how expensive everything has become and how little money there is.

    Your words have a vibration. That vibration attracts things with the same vibration to you. So when we talk about how little money we have or how bad business is, we attract more experiences to confirm that belief. Similarly, when we talk about good and positive things, we have more of those things to experience and talk about.

    So have you paid attention to what you say about money, your business or your job every day? Do you say things like: my job is draining; people don’t have money to spend; there are no good jobs available and I have to work so hard just to make ends meet.

    Every word you utter either takes you closer to your abundance or further away from it. Every word we utter either builds us or breaks us. Our words are that powerful. Our words are like magnets – you must be so conscious and mindful of what you say and the words you use.

    We can change our lives and the world just by choosing to speak in terms of abundance. When you notice negative words coming out of your mouth, stop and choose to reframe them. One of the fastest ways for money to run away from you is when you say: ‘I don’t have money.’

    Many parents say that to their children when they don’t want to buy them something. Then they say it every time they don’t want to do something or don’t want to give someone money. It then becomes a habit. It’s easier to say ‘I don’t have money’ rather than ‘I am choosing to invest my money in something else’. Have you noticed that this becomes the story of your life – that every month you are singing the same song?

    So, watch what words you use. Words to avoid: try, cant, won’t, don’t, I don’t know how, need, no.

    Power words: love, desire, yes, I will, I can, I AM, it is easy, it is simple, I can do that, I am doing it.

    We get to create our lives. We get to create all we desire and choose to experience – every little detail of it. Remember, whatever follows I AM becomes your truth, your reality and your flow of abundance. So choose wisely.

    Fun activities for the week:

    – Become aware of the words you use and reframe if negative.
    – Notice how you feel when you use negative or disempowering words.
    – Journal about it and notice any patterns.
    – Affirmation for this week: ‘I am a money magnet’.

    Mona Naidoo is an Executive and Wealth Coach, teacher, international speaker, human behaviour specialist and philanthropist. She helps visionary women reclaim their voice and connect to their true wealth so they can make a difference in the world. Click here to join the community for conscious people who are making or want to make a difference in the world.

    Mona Naidoo.

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