2020 Word Warrior Competition Now Open For Learner Entries

Read Education Trust is calling all learners aged 9 to 16 who enjoy creative writing to enter the Word Warrior Competition and stand a chance to win R1000 cash and books to the value of R5000 for their school.

Once again, Detective Inkomba will take centre stage. He will be your main character trying to solve another mystery that is baffling the world. This time around, he can be involved in world affairs, inter-planetary travel, covert affairs, local affairs or even a love affair. Tell the readers what the story, movie of play is about, give some dialogue with oomph and then let the readers know how it all ended or concluded.

How to enter:

1. Describe the story you are telling in broad terms. Give a summary of what has happened before the dialogue took place. Then describe who is in the dialogue that is to come.

2. Secondly, write a dialogue that will tell readers more about the story and about the characters in the scene. It can be a conversation, a court case interrogation, a shouting match between angry people or a whispered conversation.

3. Thirdly, conclude the story in a paragraph that will let readers know how everything worked out and what happened to the hero, Detective Inkomba.

The description and dialogue must not be longer than two A4 pages or four A5 pages. Write your name, your age, your contact details and your school’s name, followed by the contact number of the school and your teacher’s name at the end of the letter.

Be creative, brave and free, so say what you want to say and describe what you want to describe. There is no swearing. Remember that your words can create pictures in the reader’s mind, so make sure to describe what you see in your mind in your introductory and final paragraph. Be dramatic and funny.

Send your story via email to info@read.co.za by 31 October 2020. For more information about the competition, click here.