Bedfordview-Based One Legal Advertising Launched As First Agency Created By Attorneys For Attorneys

One Legal Advertising is a full service advertising and marketing agency specialising in the promotion of attorney firms throughout South Africa. They are involved in all aspects of advertising and marketing, including brand creation, digital marketing, website creation, print advertising, television commercials and more.

Attorney firms are required to ensure that they are in full compliance with the rules relating to advertising and marketing. The agency is in close contact with the Law Council as well as the Ethics, Guidance and Rules Committee to ensure that firms are able to be innovative and competitive, while remaining compliant.

‘The attorney profession, and the way it advertises itself to the public, is limited by various acts, common laws, and rules set out by the profession’s governing body. The reason for this limitation is to ensure the profession is not diminished in the eyes of the public by salesmanship and shoddy marketing,’ said Robert dos Santos, Director of One Legal Advertising.

‘As society has modernised, and social media has become more relevant, these rules have adapted and allowed for certain advertisements to take place. It is now possible for attorneys to create television commercials, be active on social media, and partake in other forms of advertising as long as they comply with the rules required of them. One Legal Advertising is essentially a group of attorneys and marketing creatives who are poised to guide attorneys through the compliance regulations while still creating stunning marketing content,’ he added.

One Legal Advertising +27 (0) 66 452 2008


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