Bedfordview Safety Forum Food Drive Receives Generous Donation

Christina Kyriacou (Saheti School Alumna, class of 2015) appealed to all Hellenic Communities of Gauteng to help feed the hungry during this Coronavirus pandemic. Kyriacou, in partnership with Saheti School and the Hellenic Societies, has managed to raise R110,000 for food parcels.

Kyriacou has the endorsement of Archbishop Petros; Saheti school and the Federation of Hellenic Communities of SA. The Bedfordview Safety Forum (BSF) food drive based at the Methodist church will distribute the food parcels on their behalf to various informal settlements surrounding the area.

The community at large has also responded spectacularly to the local food drive for those in need during these difficult times. Since the start of the food drive, 11 938 parcels have been assembled to the value of R2,713,380, and just over 92 tons of food have been donated, which equals approximately 334,275 meals. Donations are still very much needed and welcome.

Kyriacou said, ‘We are all connected to each other, to our community and to our country. In a critical time like this, where many are unable to provide food for their families, we as a community have an obligation to step up and act with kindness, humility and selflessness. We urge you for the next few weeks during this lockdown period and beyond to help support us.’

This DA initiated food drive, in conjunction with the Bedfordview Safety Forum (BSF), Bedfordview Community Policing Forum (BCPF) and the Order of St John, aims to assist destitute families in and around neighbouring areas. There are 60 000 people living in informal settlements and seemingly tranquil suburban homes with little or no food.

With the lockdown extension and level phasing, their circumstances have become desperate and potentially volatile. The goal is to be able to provide a lifeline to people who through no fault of their own are unable to help themselves through this pandemic. The distribution of all collections is done through a centralised point in a strictly controlled and safe environment.

Thanks go to the following:

– The volunteers who were co-ordinating efforts, working shifts to collect pack and dispatch donations.
– Bedfordview Muslim and Sikhi communities as well as Saheti School.
– Bedfordview Methodist Church, Cornerstone Church and Presbyterian Church.
– RAG, BSG and T2 Security Companies.
– The BSF, BCPF and the Order of St John.

Individuals and organisations are invited to assist in this project.

How you can help:

This outreach for starving communities is under enormous pressure as more and more people are coming forward needing support. Donations can be made in two ways:

  1. Food donation details:


2. Should you wish to donate money, you can use the St John’s bank account, and use BSF as a reference as it identifies the funds for the initiative.
Bank: Standard Bank
Account No: 002900777
Reference: BSF

Section 18A tax certificates can be requested for all monetary donations made to the Order of St John’s account.

If you would like to lend a hand, contact Renate Volpe on WhatsApp: +27833732687