Tips To Navigate Your Business Through Covid-19

Marzenna Almendro from Holistan.

Marzenna Almendro, registered Psychometrist and Certified Coach from Holistan in Bedfordview, discusses how businesses can navigate Covid-19 and provides a template that they can use to reevaluate their business plans.

Give your clients value

There has never been a better time to give value – although this should be part of what your business’s foundation is built on. Your mantra should be to under promise, and over deliver. If you do this, you leave a positive impression on your client, which fosters a strong (and long-term) relationship.

Giving value is a solid way to create a positive impression, and to build a relationship that will last. Do you know what my primary source of receiving bookings (and achieving sales) is? Although helpful, it is currently not paid for advertising, social media marketing or cold calling (although please don’t think these tactics are not useful. They are – at the right time and place).

If someone receives good service, they are going to tell their colleagues, friends and family. If they felt you have added value to their life, you would not even have to ask them to refer people to you. They just will.

Create valuable content

There are multiple ways and platforms we can use to create valuable content. You can create a word document and PDF it, sharing it with your audience. Most smart phones today have a recording functionality, where you can create an audio-book and upload onto SoundCloud or Dropbox. You can write an article on LinkedIn, you can blog, or you can use platforms like Mail Chimp to create a newsletter to share with your audience.

Do a live broadcast on Facebook or upload a pre-recorded video onto Instagram TV. WhatsApp or email. The possibilities to reach people has paradoxically never been so broad, whilst we are so confined.

What value can I add?

Every single one of us is unique. We have a specific repertoire of skills, experiences and knowledge, combined with our personality. We all have knowledge and value to impart onto others.

I would encourage you to conduct a skills audit, and extend this to your friends and family, asking them (and yourself):

  • What am I good at?
  • What do I know a fair amount about?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What skills do I have?
  • What do I enjoy watching?
  • What do I enjoy reading?

What about pro-bono work during a pandemic?

If you start giving away your time for free (despite these circumstances), you are reducing your own value. There is a stark difference between adding value, and reducing your own value.

Giving your clients value builds trust, cements relationships, and has the potential of reaching a greater number of people than just one person. Do not give away what you normally sell as free. Think of fresh new ways to give your clients a taste of your offering, and give that away as value.


Create a space and time to really capitalise on this opportunity to do all the things you have not done before for your business.

– Write out or update your business plan.
– Update or create your website.
– Get your newsletter going.
– Brainstorm new ideas.
– Strategise your 1, 3 and 5-year plan.
– Iron out your mission and vision.
– Re-brand your business if needed.
– Look at gaps created now from this pandemic, and how you can be the pacifier to those pain points.
– Create a PR proposal to send to journalists, magazine editors and bloggers.

Do all the things you simply did not have time for before. Because I promise you, when the dust settles and you’re back to those long days at your desk, you will wish you did all these things and so much more.

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