Better Bedfordview Beautifies Street Corner

Carol Payne (Bedfordview resident), Gail Diers Better Bedfordview steering committee member, Marina Constas (RAG chairperson), Orbit Mokase (Better Bedfordview team member), Maxwell (Max) Lukhele (Better Bedfordview team member) and Frans Mokase (Better Bedfordview team member).

Bedfordview resident Carol Payne donated plants and supervised the Better Bedfordview team as they cleaned up and planted some agapanthuses at the corner of Kloof Road and The Parade Street.

The Better Bedfordview team transformed the corner from the rubble and a rubbish-strewn eyesore that it was to something eye-catching. ‘It will be exquisite when the newly planted agapanthuses start flowering,’ said Payne.

Better Bedfordview projects are funded by voluntary donations from RAG members and the support of residents and businesses who share their vision of a safer, cleaner, greener and better Bedfordview.

If you would like to donate to Better Bedfordview to enable them to do more, including creating employment by adding more unemployed men to their clean-up team, please go to: