The Sneaker Shack Offers Sneaker Laundry Service In Senderwood And Linksfield

The Sneaker Shack, located in the new Neighbourhood Square shopping centre, has sneaker-care technicians who clean sneakers to your specification within a 48-hour turnaround time.

The Sneaker Shack was founded by Lolo Ndlovu and has branches in Bryanston, Fourways, Rosebank and Sandton. ‘At The Sneaker Shack, we strive to empower each individual with a strong and confident spring in their step. Our team is made up of beautiful people who see the real value in opportunity. It is our people and culture that we believe is our secret to making each pair as good as new. Together we are on a mission to create new stories using old steps,’ said Ndlovu.

The Sneaker Shack also has a pick-up and delivery service: book online and get your sneakers picked-up, cleaned and delivered to your door from the comfort of your home or business.


Classic clean: for footwear in need of basic touch-ups, for up-keep and maintenance. Focusing on the uppermidsole and laces

Deep clean: for footwear that is worn extensively over a two week period. Focusing on treating inset stains, the uppermidsoleinner sole and laces.

Red detail: for footwear requiring a complete overhaul, with microscopic attention to detail. Focusing on treating inset stains, the uppermidsoleinner sole, detailed undersolelaces and deodorising.

+27 (0) 60 632 4682