BiobiN Urges South Africans To Help Manage Waste During Lockdown

    During the national lockdown, citizens across the country will be spending every day at home, and this will result in an increase in household waste. Public waste management will continue as it is an essential service. 

    Brian Küsel from BiobiN South Africa said, ’At this time, it is vitally important that we manage our volumes of organic and food waste at home. Our waste collection and processing services will be operating with a reduced number of staff, it is therefore important that we do not over-capacitate these services with increased organic and food waste volumes.’

    BiobiN recommends two immediate ways that you can help public waste services during the lockdown:

    1. Responsible consumption: now is the time to cook efficiently – limiting food scraps and wastage. Weekly meal planning coordinated shopping can lead to a reduced food waste household output – it’s time to implement your plan.

    2. Start composting if you can: food scraps do not need to enter the main municipal waste stream, especially during this time. Get a contained compost unit installed at your home. Keep it well managed by regularly turning it and adding garden cuttings. Finally, use your compost and your extra time at home to get your garden going.

    ‘This is a time for unity and a collective effort to get through this lockdown. Let’s support all the people who still need to operate and at risk, during the lockdown. We can support our waste personnel by properly managing our waste at home,’ said Küsel.

    Where BiobiN’s have been installed at shopping centres, cell phone companies, broadcasters and banking and office blocks etc, they will continue to operate and the food waste that is emptied into the BiobiN will turn into compost over the lockdown period, with no smells, flies or rodents etc.

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