Changing Your Reality With Access Consciousness

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By Meggan McCarthy

Access Consciousness is a modality that provides life-changing tools that can be used on a daily basis. These tools are really easy to use, and once you are in the practice of getting your mind out the way, the tools become your way of life. Primrose Hill-based Access Bars practitioner and facilitator Marie-Claire Hayes discusses the benefits of Access Consciousness and having your ‘Bars run’. Plus she shares useful tools you can use every day to expand your life and change your reality.

Q&A with Marie-Claire:
How can Access Consciousness enhance one’s spiritual journey?

With Access Consciousness, you begin to learn the language of the Universe – ask and you shall receive. You are also reminded that you are an infinite being living in a finite world and that it is more than okay to create a different and better reality within this reality. As an infinite being, you are energy, space and consciousness within a physical body. To be reminded of that and to be provided with the tools to assist you is a breakthrough for anyone seeking more on their spiritual journey. When you start to function from a place of more allowance, more awareness and more consciousness, that’s when you start becoming aware of the gift you truly be.

How can people use it to help them in their everyday lives?

Access Consciousness is about ‘living in the question’. These questions are not the type of questions we were taught in school. In fact, at school, we always had to have the answer to every question and it had to be the correct answer, otherwise you would face ridicule in the classroom.

The questions that are part of Access Consciousness are all about empowering you to create different possibilities without having to have a right or wrong answer, or having to judge something as being good or bad. After all, we are all filled with our own interesting points of view. Some of them are ours and some of them we have taken on from family, friends and society, however that’s all that they are – interesting points of view.

Two examples of questions that you can use every day are:

– What else is possible?

What I love about this question is that there is a ‘never give up, never give in, never quit energy’ to it. If you are faced with a barrier, blockage and/or resistance to something or someone, keep asking ‘Okay Universe, what else is possible here?’. The Universe is our magic genie that is not in a bottle. It is all around us and within us and if you ask, the Universe only has the desire to respond to your question and to deliver the answer to you in so many ways. The trick is that sometimes you have to keep on asking the question until you receive the various possibilities available to you.

– How does it get even better than this?

We have all heard this statement used in the negative form through various movies, TV shows and society: it doesn’t get much better than this! Whenever I hear this, I immediately cancel, clear and delete, destroy and uncreate the energy behind that and affirm ‘Universe show me, how does it get even better than this?’ We have been programmed to place glass ceiling limits on our lives and our willingness to receive, and this question helps you break through those limits.

Don’t take my word for it – play around with these two questions and see for yourself the magic that can show up in your life with your willingness to ask a question, not look for the answer and allow the Universe to surprise you.

What are Bars and what does it mean to have your ‘Bars run’?

The Bars are 32 points that exist on the head. During a session, the Bars points are lightly touched in different sequences so that the energy can start flowing again in a much more efficient and smoother way to allow your entire being and body to be energetically and physically congruent and in alignment with each other. Having your Bars run has also been referred to as ‘defragging your brain’ – similar to defragging a computer.

When it comes to having your Bars run, your own points of view on what you are willing or not willing to release, control the entire session. It just goes to show how much free will you have when it comes to a Bars Session. If you desire change and are willing to be in complete allowance of your own infinite intelligence being in charge of the session, you will have far more change and greater results from each and every Bars session you have.

Marie-Claire facilitates Access Bars Practitioner classes where participants learn to run each other’s Bars, and get a certificate of completion afterwards. She also offers private Bars sessions.

What does a session feel like and what changes can you expect?

Everyone has a different experience. Most people feel the deep sense of peace and calm, or experience the deep sleep that can occur when you allow yourself permission to just be and to fully receive. That is what a Bars session is about too: the willingness to receive as much as you possibly can instead of having to do anything in the session.

People who are most sensitive to perceiving energies are aware of the tingling sensation that occurs throughout the body and the hot and cold sensations that occur when the energy of the Bars are turned on and you perceive the shifting of energies that takes place. Some people still feel the benefits weeks after having a session where others, no matter what, choose to have regular sessions as they love gifting themselves the time to just be and to receive and to deepen their intuitive connection.

After a session, you should experience improved focus and concentration; less stress; better sleep; greater connection to your intuition; improved communication; weight loss and more confidence. These are all just a few of the many benefits of having your Bars run.

Participants practising running each other’s Bars.
Why are you so passionate about Access Consciousness?

When I came across Access Consciousness in 2012, I had been through a divorce in 2007 and I was still making myself wrong for choosing to leave the marriage and move back home to live with my parents, even though I knew in my being that it was exactly what I had to do, otherwise I would have continued to be on a path of self-destruction and sabotage.

I had been asking for something different to show up for me, something more, something deeper. A friend of mine had just spent 10 days with an International Access Consciousness certified facilitator and she asked if I’d like to have my Bars Run. At the time I had no clue what Access Bars was or what Access Consciousness was, however everything inside of me screamed Yes! Everything changed for me from that first day of having my Bars run.

Looking back, I can see all the places where I have been a contribution and facilitated change for others and from that day I was willing to try something new, something different, something more. In Access, they talk about the ‘Kingdom of We’ and even though my personal life has shifted so much and changes have occurred that I could never have possibly imagined, the greatest gift for me is knowing that I have touched the lives of so many people. Most of them I have never met, however they are connected in some way or another to the people that I have directly introduced to Access Consciousness and Access Bars.

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A spiritual guru once told me that part of my purpose in this lifetime was to change people’s lives and that I would do this slowly, however I was not to question the depth of what one ripple effect can create. I witness this every time I run someone’s Bars or facilitate change through a bi-monthly WhatsApp subscription group or just me being me when I am around others. This is what fuels my passion for the Access Bars therapy and Access Consciousness. I truly resonate with the mantra of Access Consciousness: empowering people to know that they know, that they know.

My business, Keep It Conscious, continues to grow and expand as I do and I will be forever grateful for choosing this amazing modality and for the invitation of what else is truly possible.

What if this article was what you required to start choosing more for you, your body and your living? What if this is the change you have been asking for?

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