Edenvale Marathon Giving Back To The Community

The Rand Road Warriors, in association with StaminoGro, will host the Edenvale Marathon on 8 March 2020. The event consists of a 42km Marathon, 21km half marathon, 10km run and the Rainbows and Smiles ‘Super Hero’ 5km fun run.

Residents will be affected by the early morning hustle and bustle from as early as 4am (if not earlier) on 8 March. The organisers are asking for patience, understanding and tolerance from residents. There will be bright lights, loud music, cheering and noise to build morale, and energy during the event.

Many volunteers will be there all night and continue to work tirelessly until after the event and continue cleaning up for hours thereafter. The Edenvale Marathon will be giving back to the Edenvale Community by donations to different charities and organisations.

The ‘Super Hero’ Fun Run proceeds will be donated to Rainbows and Smiles Trust, a non-profit organisation supporting children with cancer. Rainbows and Smiles is dedicated to providing emotional, social and financial support to children with cancer as well as their families. Rainbows and Smiles promote awareness of early warning signs of child cancer. To improve the survival rates more children need to be diagnosed in the early stages.

The Edenvale SPCA provides assistance, care and kindness to many animals in need in the Edenvale area. There is no funding from the government and there is a reliance on the generosity of the public to continue with the work done. Their intention is to rescue, care for and find homes for as many animals as possible.

Edenvale Community Policing Forum is a crime-fighting body that has been put in place to create a smooth liaison between the residents of Edenvale and the SAPS. Edenvale Marathon donates funds towards the CPF Crime Prevention Camera Project. The cameras assist in making Edenvale a safer place for residents to live in by identifying suspicious activity and cars, as well as hijackings and follow-home crimes.

There are various Scout Troops in the Edenvale area which the marathon donates to. Scouts are the biggest youth organisation in the country. Scouting changes lives and helps children and young adults to reach their full potential. Leadership, teamwork, self-motivation, commitment, perseverance, environmental and cultural awareness and strong values are just a few of the life skills Scouts are taught.

Two educational bursaries will be donated to Edenvale High School. The funds made from the prepaid parking at Dowerglen High School and Don Mattera CYCC will put back into the school to assist them.

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