Get Fit On A Float With Group Exercise Classes On Water

Get Fit On A Float

Float Fit Bedfordview, located at 14 Selwyn Road (Waterbabies Bedfordview), is starting up again and is inviting those interested to join the workout sessions every Monday and Thursday evening, just after 18:30pm.

Float Fit is a group exercise class on water using the world’s first inflatable floating exercise mat created by AquaPhysical. A variety of programmes have been developed to take exercises that you usually do on land, to an unstable platform in a swimming pool

There are three different float fit workouts available at Bedfordview:

  • Float Fit HIIT – full-body high-intensity interval training done on the Aquabase.
Get Fit On A Float
Float Fit HIIT
  • Float fit Balance – a combination of pilates and yoga.
Get Fit On A Float With Group Exercise Classes On Water
Float Fit Balance
  • Float Fit Grow – a workout tailored for children older than eight.

Float Fit Bedfordview currently only offers the Float Fit HIIT but will offer the Balance and Grow options in a few weeks. Owner Melody Manuel said, ‘Workouts are for everyone, and are modified to your own ability. The benefits of Float Fit HIIT are amazing as it is a full-body workout designed to tax your major muscle groups, strengthen your heart and lungs and torch calories. Float Fit can be enjoyed by both men and women.’

Contact Melody on the number below to book a trial.

+27 (0) 79 105 4188