Gregg Mitchley Foundation Supporting Organisations With Fresh Produce Sales

The Gregg Mitchley Foundation (GMF) is selling and delivering fruit and vegetables to the residents of Bedfordview, Edenvale, Benoni and surrounding areas. The fresh produce packs are delivered every Wednesday and the profit from each sale is used to purchase more fresh produce, which is donated to various organisations.

The GMF has so far raised about R25,000 in the last three weeks, with R10,000 in vegetable sales, and has received a donation of R10,000 from Balwin Properties, as well as donations from various other individuals. To support this initiative, you can place your orders each Tuesday by 5pm with Alistair (082 445 2204) and it will be delivered to your home during the lockdown. They have the necessary permit. All proceeds collected by the GMF will go to buying more food for the following organisations that are in real need:

Benoni City Hall

There are currently 450 homeless people sleeping in the Benoni City Hall, and fresh fruit is necessary for them to stay healthy.

Reto Rehabilitation Centre in Benoni

A rehabilitation centre that is free to men and woman trying to free themselves from a dependence on drugs. The centre teaches skills and relies on income from items grown or made at the centre e.g. farming produce, steelwork and woodwork. At this time, they are not able to earn an income in this way, therefore kind donations, like yours, go a long way.


Son-Vallei is a squatter camp in Benoni. Donations will be used to provide food stuffs, as well as essential educational items such as pens, pencils, books etc. Your donation will go a long way towards lightening the load for these families.

The Potters Haven in Springs

This is a foster home for abused children. There are currently 18 children in the care of the couple who run this home, and they have many areas of need. In the short-term, GMF is focusing on providing fresh food to keep the children healthy, and in the longer term, they have many needs from art materials, clothing and financial aid, which are outlined at:

Small Veg Box (Approx 4kg): R170
1kg potato
2 ea onion
2 ea tomato
1 ea lettuce
1 ea cucumber
1 x 100g pkt ginger
1 ea butternut
1 ea green pepper
1 pkt rominita
1 pkt baby marrow
1 pkt cauliflower
1/2 a green cabbage

Medium Veg Box (approx 8kg): R280
2kg potato
4 ea onion
4 ea tomato
1 ea lettuce
1 ea cucumber
1 pkt ginger
1 pkt Cauliflower
1 ea green pepper
1 pkt baby marrow
1 pkt mushroom
1 ea butternut
1 pkt rominita
1 each small cabbage

Large Veg Box (approx 13kg): R400
4kg potato
1kg onion
6 ea tomato
2 ea lettuce
2 ea cucumber
1 pkt ginger
2 pkt baby marrow
1 pkt mushroom
2 pkt cauliflower
2 ea butternut
1 each large cabbage
2 pkt rominita
1 pkt robot pepper

Small Fruit box (approx 2kg – 18 pieces of fruit): R75
6 Bananas
4 Red Apples
2 Pears
2 Avos
2 Lemons
2 Naartjies

Medium Fruit Box (approx 3.5kg – 26 pieces of fruit): R130
6 Bananas
4 Red Apples
4 Pears
2 Avos
4 Lemons
4 Naarties

Large Fruit Box (approx 8kg – 54 pieces of fruit): R250
16 Bananas
6 Red Apples
6 Green Apples/Oranges
6 Pears
6 Avos
6 Lemons
6 Naartjies

Donations can be made to:

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