How To Set Soul Inspired Goals

How To Set Soul Inspired Goals

According to Mona Naidoo, Executive Coach and Abundant Living Expert, most people focus on goals in respect of finance and career only. They forget about the other areas of their life and how important they are to living a great and whole life.

These are the eight areas I focus on when I set goals: spirituality; health and wellness; relationships; business or career; personal financial goals; fun and leisure; personal development and contribution.

Before we even look at goals and how to effectively set them, it’s important for us to understand ourselves better. We have to be aware of whether we are setting goals from our ego or from our soul. Do you know the difference between the two?

Well, I didn’t. When we set goals from our ego, words like ‘I need to, I should, I ought to, I must’ come up. We feel constricted when we think about it and even when we share it with others, we can feel like something is off but we ignore it and think it is unrelated. In the past we may have achieved a certain level of success by setting goals from our ego, because that is where we were on our journey.

When you start waking up – through the journey of personal development and mastery – you start connecting with the real you: your soul. You tap into higher aspects of you and your consciousness rises. You feel this stirring within that you may not be able to fully explain or express. You feel this pull between what society says you should have or do and what your soul wants you to experience.

When you set goals from your soul, it is all about what you will experience as a result of achieving the goal. It is about feelings of joy, fulfilment, love, oneness and freedom. Our soul wants us to expand and that occurs through experiences.

My life became magical once I understood how goal-setting really works. My soul was finally in the driver’s seat. Now that said, some may ask: why do we have to set goals?

Plain and simple, goals provide us with structure, direction and a container within which the Universe/God/Source can help us fulfil our dreams and desires. If you don’t give your life direction through your goals, then someone else will control you. Just look at what is happening in the world right now. There is so much on offer and everything seems attractive.

Having goals helps you hone in on what is best for you right now. It helps you to be more discerning. Our goals must be aligned with what is most important to us, otherwise we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Here’s a checklist for setting goals:

• Your goal must be for yourself.
• It must be meaningful to you.
• You must be flexible about it – this or something better.
• It should stretch you and be exciting.
• It must be in alignment with what is most important to you.
• It must be well balanced – focusing on a whole life.
• It must be realistic.
• It must include contribution – giving back.
• Goals must be supported. Have a buddy or mentoring system. Create a vision board.

The process of conscious goal-setting:

Step 1: write out your goals. It’s important for goals to be brought out of the mind and made visible by writing or typing it out. Many studies have explained the benefits of doing this. I find writing a magical process to bring forth my dreams.

Step 2: take the eight areas listed in the beginning of the article and look at one goal per area to start with. You can increase it to three goals per area once you get more comfortable with setting goals.

Step 3: each goal must have the following elements: be specific about what you want; by when you intend to achieve it and consider why it is important to you.

Step 4: have fun and let your soul guide you. Have you wondered what stands in the way of us achieving our goals? Common reasons include: getting stuck, not feeling motivated, procrastination and too busy being busy. The truth is that those are just the symptoms. We get stuck because: we don’t know what to do, fear of failure and limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs play a huge role in whether we manifest our goals or not. These lie in our subconscious and unconscious, and run on autopilot until we discover and transmute them. You cannot address what you don’t know about – these are our blind spots. We require help to identify and transmute them, and that’s what I love helping my clients with so they can turn their dreams into reality.

Fun activities:

1. Schedule some quiet time and do the conscious goal-setting process.

2. Remember to have fun with this process.

3. Affirmation: ‘I have what it takes to reach my goals’.

Here are some inspiring lyrics to help awaken your soul as you set your goals. Magic happens when we set soul inspired goals. Have fun!


Mona Naidoo is an Executive and Wealth Coach, teacher, international speaker, human behaviour specialist and philanthropist. She helps visionary women reclaim their voice and connect to their true wealth so they can make a difference in the world. Click here to join the community for conscious people who are making or want to make a difference in the world.

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