Money Saving Tips

Hazel Peters, Senior financial advisor and representative of the Liberty Group, gives seven simple money-saving tips to make your income stretch a little further.

1. Draw up and stick to a strict budget.

2. Never buy on impulse, no matter how much you think you deserve the item.

3. Make a grocery list and check your cupboards and fridge on a weekly basis before you go shopping, and stick to your shopping list.

4. Prepare a menu for the week – meal preps not only save money, but you also eat more healthily.

5. Always pack lunch. Limit takeaways and eating out – plan how often you eat out and make it part of your budget.

6. Keep receipts for everything you buy and calculate at the end of the month how much you’ve spent. You will be amazed how much money is wasted on things you did not budget for.

7. Use extra income to make extra payments on your house/car or loan.

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